The Security Of Salvation | by Dr. Richard Nies

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Without a Doubt (Can I now that I am saved?)

Chapter 2: The War Is Over (Can I be sure that I am forgiven?)

Chapter 3: In Good Hands (Can I have peace regarding the unpardonable sin?)

Chapter 4: He’s on Our Side (Can I a survive the investigative judgement?)

Chapter 5: You Can Make It (Can I be among the 144,000?)

Dr. Richard Nies

Dr. Richard Nies (1928 – 1984) wrote from his background as a teacher, chaplain, counselor, clinical psychologist, and public lecturer. His wide range of interest and expertise is reflected in his academic degrees: BA in religion and chemistry from Loma Linda University, MA in Biblical languages from Andrews University, and PhD in experimental psychology from the University of California at Los Angeles. Because of his interest in meaningfully blending the disciplines of psychology and religion, Richard Nies’ byline has appeared in numerous psychological and religious journals.

About the Book

This book is currently out of print.
Binding: 63 pages
Publisher: Southern Pub. Association (1978)
ISBN-10: 0812701879
ISBN-13: 978-0812701876

About This Site

I have never met Dr. Richard Nies and yet he has influenced my life for the better. As I listen to his sermons, lectures, and Sabbath School lessons, I marvel at his insight and for his wonderful picture of God. For this reason, I have created this site dedicated to Dr. Nies’ book, “The Security of Salvation”. I am thankful and grateful for his life. He truly was a bright light in this world.

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